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Travel Cameras 

Turn Up Your Travels and pack quality with our range of lightweight and portable mirrorless cameras.
Choosing a travel camera
Here are some things to consider when choosing the right travel camera for you - whether it’s a local road trip or big overseas holiday, you’ll want to combine portability with image quality to capture all your adventures on the go.
  • Portable and lightweight Canon EOS camera

    Portable and lightweight

    Our range of lightweight travel cameras make the perfect holiday companion that won't weight you down.

  • EOS R100 and EOS R8

    Stand out image quality

    Larger sensor sizes means better image quality. Capture travel memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Canon EOS camera and RF lenses

    Flexible and versatile

    Maximise your shots with the ability to swap out lenses to best suit your travel scenery or subject.

Best Travel Cameras
Find a camera that suits your travel and shooting style. Here are our top picks for the best travel cameras.
  • EOS R100

    Recommended for built-in creativity with auto shooting modes perfect for capturing family moments, holidays and first camera buyers.
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Simple guided user interface
    • Capture video to share
  • EOS R50

    Shoot and share with ease. Recommended for globetrotters capturing their adventures and creating travel content.
    • Compact and lightweight - 375g
    • Great for travel and content creation
    • 4K 30p uncropped video
  • EOS R10

    Upgrade your travel content with higher levels of control and customisation. Recommended for creators composing in manual mode for greater creativity.
    • Flexibility to compose with multi-controller and quick control dial
    • Reliable subject tracking
    • Stand out videos
  • EOS R8

    Step up to full frame for better image quality, background blur and wider angles of view
    • Incredible low light performance
    • Freeze the action and capture rare and fleeting moments
    • Advanced video features
Recommended Travel Lenses
With over 30 RF Lenses on offer, there's a perfect match for every traveller. Explore our top picks for travel lenses.

Turn Up Your Travels with the EOS R50

EOS R50 Image Gallery
We sent creator, Wil Calabio to 8 countries over 16 days to put the EOS R50 through the ultimate travel road-test. Check out the results.

Canon for the Creators | Find your kit

Explore the full EOS R Mirrorless range of full frame and APS-C sensor cameras. Take the quiz to discover the right EOS R series camera for your shooting style.

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