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Web Meter Reading

Web Meter Reading (WMR) is Canon’s online alternative to the fully automated e-Metering solution. It gives you convenient web access to submit and view bulk meter readings for your linked devices.

Register for Web Meter Reading WMR

If you prefer to provide meter readings online or wish to become a Web Meter Reading (WMR) contact person to review device details, please register.

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The benefits of Web Meter Reading
WMR is a free and easy-to-use web-based service available to you 24/7. Once you’re registered you can easily access WMR online.
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    Automatic reporting

    WMR is automatically linked to our systems. All you need to do is submit the required data to facilitate billing when you receive our email reminder.

  • Icon-Accuracy

    Precision and accuracy

    WMR ensures accurate billing based on reads validated and submitted by you.

  • Icon-Reduced-Costing

    Reduced costs

    WMR is a free service available to all Canon business customers.

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