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Smart sourcing solutions for your business
With 25 years experience behind us as Converga, Canon Business Services delivers solutions and outsourcing services with expert skill and a customer satisfaction score of 98%.
Robotic Process Automation
RPA is a software solution that carries out routine and repetitive tasks by configuring computer software, imitating the way a person interacts with digital systems to executive business processes. We review the processes, map out the procedure and generate an RPA plan that can be deployed within weeks and supported ongoing by our Centre of Excellence experts.
Automated Accounts Payable
Remove the burden of processing high volumes of invoices manually with Automated Accounts Payable. Imagine instantaneous, pain-free payments with an accuracy of 98.5%, providing you greater visibility, control and improved efficiency.
Intelligent Document Processing
From processing applications to scanning business files, our Document Processing solutions can be adapted to various business processes, saving you time and money, and improving access and security.
Offshore Managed Services
Hiring additional staff is a costly undertaking. Get access to our highly skilled, professional workforce without the cost and challenges of growing your team. From administrative roles to payroll and HR services we can look after your business outsourcing needs with our highly skilled offshore staff.
Digital Mailroom
Reduce mail handling and increase deliverability with our physical and digital mail-management solution, offering secure online access and storage for all your mail. Our Digital Mailroom is a secure, fully outsourced service for managing your business’s mail processes. Requiring no investment in infrastructure, hardware, or software, Digital Mailroom swiftly alleviates the burden of disrupted mail services.
Office Services
Our outsourcing services give you the freedom to focus your time on your core business, your customers, and will free up your staff to focus on the more important tasks. Our people are highly skilled, customer focused and available to meet your business operating times.
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